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Foursquare Introduces its New Privacy Settings

Written on August 18, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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A new geo-location feature from Facebook can be threatening to Foursquare, but they sure are smart with their new privacy settings. The idea of doing best wherein it's a waterloo for the other is what helps Foursquare gain more cookies.

In an anticipation for the rumored features from , is making a smart move by updating their privacy settings. And that doesn’t end there, because they also updated the page it uses to explain them. The new settings allow the user to hide information like e-mail address and phone number from friends and to the public, and they may even opt-out of the “Who’s here” list or mayorship. And to fully understand the privacy options, added a “″ in their privacy policy and frequently asked questions pages. “Privacy 101″ is a guide and a grid chart that shows all the information you might share. It is somewhat similar to Facebook’s grid settings, but it tells the defaults and how the user can change it instead. Knowing that the social networking site has some privacy issues, it’s a brilliant way for to position itself as a service wherein they care about the user’s privacy and making sure that they fully understand it

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