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Schedule Your Gmails with Boomerang

Written on August 17, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Boomerang is a Chrome and Firefox Extension that helps you schedule the emails you send and receive for a later time. It's currently in private beta and still working on some bugs. But it sounds promising, isn't it?

If you are having a hard time acting on all the that gets in your inbox, then is for you! will let you schedule your emails whenever you want them to reappear. What’s best is that it even works for sent times, so you can postpone delivery of a happy birthday email for a friend, in case you remembered to send it a few days earlier.

Just place a Boomerang drop-down menu in your message bar, and viola! You can now start choosing your message schedule in a specific time. However, options like in an hour, tomorrow and next week are also available. There’s no need to enter a time stamp or an exact date if you’re not a fan of it. Instead, you can input things like “next Wednesday” or “Today at 5:00 pm.” Just a reminder, Boomerang only shows up when viewing or composing a single message. As of the moment, you can’t schedule multiple messages at once. And since it is still in a private beta, expect some bugs. If you’re using , the Boomerang button might not show up in message view. Don’t panic! Just reload the page.

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