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Gmail has New UI, Leaked Screenshot Reveals

Written on August 04, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Donning noticeable design, menu and settings tweaks here and there, top and below, is Gmail really coming out with a modified user interface soon?

A screenshot of an internal version (read: version used by Google employees only) of revealing the webmail service’s modified interface has been reportedly attached with a Chromium OS bug report. The image piques the curiosity of savvy users, and soon they have come up with their own lists of spot-the-difference items in the leaked screenshot.

First off, let us check out the interesting menu changes that caught their attention. In the leaked new version, links for Mail, Contacts and Tasks are listed respectively at the top of the left pane. See that menu bearing the owner’s account id? It now has a drop-down menu that will probably allow the user to switch to another Google account, thereby making it possible to sign in to multiple Google accounts in one browser.

Next, we take a look at the altered settings. A blank drop-down box right above the Inbox seems to contain the missing text links to the “Select All or Select None” option. Well, if there is anything that frequently appears on the new , it is the drop-down feature. And lastly, the “Compose Mail” text link has been replaced by a button–making it more aesthetically appealing–and that the appearance of the call phone link in the expanded chat pane goes to show that Google Voice has probably been integrated to the chat feature.

If this version comes out, we may not find the exact same version as what the screenshot reveals, but a peek on the new UI will not hurt. So, are you noticing anything yet?

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