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Goodbye, Happy Meals?

Written on August 16, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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First, they will have had it with the little plastic toys, so kids will have to say goodbye to Donkey or Puss watches. And then, perhaps, they will mandate total riddance of Happy Meals, which is quite easier to do, for what is a Happy Meal without the little plastic toy anyway?

As of late, is pondering one health point: Imagine a life that has “no more .” Health supervisors of the city are pointing to the lure of plastic toys as a source of unfair advantage for McDonald’s. give children the choice to eat unhealthy food.

Prior to this, Santa Clara, CA restricted restaurants in its unincorporated areas from giving away toys for meals amounting with more than 485 calories. There has also been regulations for sodium. Of course, these procedures cancelled out Happy Meals in the menu.

These health actions have been perhaps heightened by First Lady Michelle Obama’s kids’ health-issue-awareness program. And with this kind of awareness, families are the most affected demographic–the same target demographic of the giant chain in keeping its worldwide operations.

But San Francisco’s reported ban is stirring up sentiments against a nanny government. The ban is uncalled for; parents still hold the right to decide for their kids’ meals, not the government.

CEO of McDonald’s wrote to CSPI in the same lines of argument: “Our customer websites and phone lines at McDonald’s are also busy, with more than nine out of ten customers disagreeing with your agenda. Parents, in particular, strongly believe they have the right and responsibility to decide what’s best for their children, not CSPI.”

He added: “It seems that you purposefully skewed your evaluation of our Happy Meals by putting them in the context of a highly conservative 1,300 calorie per day requirement. I’m sure you know this category generally applies to the youngest and most sedentary children.”

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