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Google, Hollywood and Movie Rentals on YouTube

Written on August 30, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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This time it is not Google, it is Hollywood. The search giant has been pushing for pay-per-view movie rentals as long as we know, but bigwigs from the Tinseltown are clamoring for a year-end launch out of their increasing enthusiasm.

As we write, a deal between and is presumably in the works to launch a streaming movie rental site by the end of 2010. It will be either integrated with or linked to , where Google will bank on its search and video popularity to attract patronage of the new service.

The anticipation for Google’s service is heightened by the reported release of Apple TV’s new version. Many are waiting for Google’s response. As of late, the big fish on the upcoming service is its U.S. availability and rental price starting at $5, which seems too high. The prices on iTunes and Amazon Video on Demand only reach almost a half of that, and Google is known to price its products in the ranges of its competitors’ price.

There have been presumably a dry run at YouTube months ago, where a handful of independent films from the Sundance Film Festival were rented out. Though reports said it flopped financially, Google is still expanding its service by including mainstream titles on its list. With a willing partner like the studios, including plans of major promotions, let us hope Google’s new and anticipated profit-making machine do not make popcorns instead.

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