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Happy 15th Birthday Internet Explorer!

Written on August 17, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Our once favorite browser just turned 15!

First and foremost, let’s prepare a toast for the first who hit the .

It has been 15 years since introduced to us the 1.0, which commanded almost 95% of the world wide web. Time flies so fast and IE is till striving hard for more years to come in the world wide web.

The Internet Explorer was born on August 16,1995. The Microsoft IE 1.0 is the first version retooled from a browser called Mosaic. It is licensed by the Microsoft from Spyglass Incorporated.

The growth of the browser has quickly started, fended off Netscape in the late 90s to dominate the browser landscape. In 2002, the mark of its peak, the combined version of IE made it to the browser market gaining almost 100% of market share. Just then it has fallen 60% from its original when new came. Though the newest version , the beta which just emerged for less than a month has promised a new start and re-energizing the giant E.

Whatever you say about IE, it is still the first one who introduced us the Internet. Happy 15th Birthday Internet Explorer!

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