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Head of Social Platforms Bids Yahoo Goodbye

Written on August 30, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Yahoo's recent days have been threatened by major departures. One main man on the job has headed outside the door, following another's resignation, and found an open door in a new company.

Vice President for Social Platforms has exited to enter the pool, where he will be the e-commerce’s chief of architecture. This move happened within the same week when Communications Product Head Jason Titus also left the Internet giant.

Sample used to manage the recently launched social media and publishing platforms. Yahoo is a late bloomer in the social networking landscape, and the integration of Facebook and Twitter into their service has just been put into play.

Sample and his colleagues were the force behind the all-encompassing strategy to employ all social networking services and coming up with an understable social dashboard for global users. Needless to say, Sample’s move is a big loss to the company at this point.

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