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iBottleopener: iPhone Case that Pop Bottles

Written on August 30, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Pop the bottle and answer a call at the same time. Cool, isn't?

Protective cases are made to guard our valuable devices against scratches, but these item should also be made for multitasking. After mobile phones becomes flash lights, mp3 players, cameras and pocket computers, what more can we ask?

Thank God there is this protective case that lets you drink from the bottle without the hassle. It’s aptly called . An that allows you open up your beer and soda bottles while on the go.

It doesn’t block ports, nor give damage to your beloved gadget. You don’t have to remove the case to pop the bottle. All you have to do is use the back part to remove the bottle crown and voila! It will do the works together with your /3Gs and at $19.95 each plus extra cash for shipping and handling.

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