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Third Beta for iOS 4.1 Now Available for Developers

Written on August 04, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Apple just made another update for its mobile operating system. The update focuses on enhancements for AV Foundation, Game Kit and Game Center, and Media Playback.

Just three weeks after the initial 4.1 beta, is here to deliver the third beta to the developers. The update includes new API that allow apps to access contact thumbnail images. Enhanced Media Playback is also part of the update. The Media Playback includes new classes in AV Foundation, related to file compression, reading or writing and batched playback. Game Kit, and the Game Center app it powers, also has significant progress. Game Center will allow players to track their game scores on leaderboards, track their in-game achievements and find teams for group play. This is ’s major feature of iOS 4, in an effort to support and attract high quality mobile games and making it easier for developers to add gaming features at the same time. Game Center for and , with its final release of  iOS 4.1, will probably hit the market by September or October. Another update to wait is the iOS 4.x features for .

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