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Irrational Games Presents A Glimpse of “BioShock in the Sky”

Written on August 17, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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The crew cut its silence--finally. Irrational Games, developer of the original BioShock, held a peculiar party at New York's Plaza Hotel last week to unleash a project that has been only known until now as Project Icarus.

As creative director Ken Levine took center stage, he let the curtain rise for , an awe-inspiring city in the sky, bearing American flags, skyscrapers suspended through contained helium, and ghastly creatures that served a recall of ’s .

As the trailer rolled, there had been more depictions of BioShock’s , the crumbled utopian city down under. When the video finished, Levine disclosed that ’ new project is a version of the franchise set on the clouds called .

Levine described it as a hypothetical “moon landing of 1900–an expression of American genius designed to demonstrate to the world by example the founding democratic principles of the United States…however, what started out as the Apollo Project became the Death Star. The city, which turns out to be armed to the teeth, goes off-mission, becomes embroiled in a violent international incident…and promptly disappears behind the clouds.”

So, what is in Columbia? What is new with BioShock Infinite? Though (its extended gameplay) appearing a bit choreographed, the liberty to explore Columbia deviates from the claustrophobic setting of BioShock in the sea. It also presents a new array of weapons and powers, plus a female companion to explore and roam around with.

A bit more about BioShock Infinite: it is set 50 years before the original BioShock took place. Booker DeWitt plays as the main character in the game.

Image credit: Irrational Games

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