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Lindsay Lohan is Out of Rehab

Written on August 25, 2010 by R. Depp

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After several speculations, the actress walks as a free woman last Tuesday.

, 24, left the UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Hospital last Tuesday after staying there for more than three weeks. This was two months early of the original order from the judge for Lohan to spend three months of in-patient treatment. All these orders where part of her sentence for violating probation in her .

According to the sources of , the actress is “doing really well.”

The jail term of the actress was also reduced to 13 days instead of three months due to overcrowding and her good behavior.

On Wednesday morning, a hearing shall be held at a Beverly Hills courthouse which will be presided by judge Elen Fox. The judge will likely to order additional out-patient care for the actress. Lohan is still subject to undergo random drug and alcohol testing until August 2011.

Even though she is out of the treatment facility, Lohan follows strict outpatient rules.

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