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Ubuntu Takes a W7 Look with Linux: W7

Written on August 23, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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Tired of your usual Linux Ubuntu theme, or you're just a fan of Aero Glass? Let just say that you need to work in a Linux platform but is confused with the interface. How can you incorporate a familiar Windows UI to your OS? Never to worry because Ubuntu can pose as Windows 7 with Linux: W7 Theme.

The : is a free script that alters your Linux GUI in a Windows 7 look and feel. This can do a remarkable job for you, especially if you long for a well-known Windows interface. To make your browser more Windows-like, you can download either a or a version, plus some Firefox themes. To install the new Linux: W7 theme, you need to do some terminal works first. But if your copy-paste skills are up for a strike, it can suffice. However, it’s important that you also make a back-up before installing it — in case you might switch back to your old theme in the future — because there’s no easy uninstall procedure as of the moment.

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