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Microsoft Hinders Privacy Settings for IE, Making Advertisers Happy

Written on August 04, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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In the war over Internet privacy, money has apparently won a major battle. To make the advertisers happy, IE8's privacy settings must be crippled by Microsoft. Indeed, money talks.

engineers originally planned to limit the power of third-party in Explorer 8. However, executive concerned with the result of online advertisement won the battle. Now, the world’s leading browser was designed to share every private information of the user to the . That’s indeed a 180 degree turn from the initial concept. According to the company, users can change their settings to browse privately. But most users do not know that such privacy setting exists, and that it’s turned off by deafult. They can choose whether to accept third-party cookies, but it’s not a permanent fix. This setting must be deliberately switched on by the user every time they start up the software. Now, all browsers including , allows you to turn off cookies.

Internet Explorer, whom once had 95 percent of the browser market share, lost ground to competitors like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. With 60 percent remaining, the engineers are hoping that they can make up with the losses by offering powerful privacy settings. Brian McAndrews, senior vice president at Microsoft, is bothered that the plans would decrease the effectiveness of  online marketing by controlling the data that can be collected from consumers. But according to Microsoft, there’s no such thing as “perfect privacy.”

“Users are in control of several privacy protection features in IE and how automatically they function,” the company says.

If the user doesn’t want his information collected, he can adjust the IE settings in private mode. To learn how, just visit Microsft’s IE Blog.

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