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Microsoft and Patent Dispute Coming to its End

Written on August 05, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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At long last, what's supposed to be a long and expensive fight in the court is now marking its end. Microsoft and, though the amount was not disclosed, has settled its dispute in terms of patent.

settled its patent dispute against today. According to the press release: The contents of the agreement has not been disclosed, but is compensating Microsoft based on the company’s patent portfolio. This implies that Microsoft got the better end of the deal, due to the strength of their licensed index in customer relationship management software, cloud services and operating system. The event indicates an end to the infringement case sued by Microsoft versus last May. This is good for both companies, since what could have been a long and costly legal battle ended fairly. Microsoft announced recently its -like and app market. According to Jane Hynes, Vice President for Communication of , they are glad to put such litigation behind.

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