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MySpace “Loves” Music Romeo

Written on August 13, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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iPad owners are the new Juliet of Shakespeare's infamous novel as MySpace releases its Music Romeo. Now you can watch music videos you not just like but also "love." And what's best is that it does not only deliver roses on your doorstep, it also offers you the latest trend in music.

launched an that is strikingly similar to Pandora Radio named . It’s a free application that uses a very simple discovery mechanism to offer a huge catalog of music videos to the iPad. How does it works? First, choose your type of music then pick a mood. After that, just sit back and relax because MySpace will choose the music videos for you. Once a video is done, Romeo will choose the next one that you might enjoy. The app includes a built-in controls for pause, skip, share and “Love.”

The Love button bookmarks your favorite video, so that you can watch more music flicks in case you can’t view others that feel otherwise. Music Romeo delivers a beautiful and customizable station with its simple, elegant and more than enough vids that can occupy you for hours. Romeo is also a dynamic app that scans social networks and blogs for currently trending music on the web. As a result, it puts on your doorstep music that you like and what’s hot on the internet.

If you already have Music Romeo on your iPad, post your reactions in the comments.

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