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Nearby Friends–User-Friendly, or Stalker-Friendly?

Written on August 31, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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As if it was not interesting enough to track Facebook friends' locations, Nearby Friends suggests their check-in histories are even more essential information to get immersed in.

The app works like an investigative officer mapping out a suspect’s comings and goings within a timeline, only it has friendly connotations. Or is it just that? Friends profile photos stick out from the location points where they have checked in, from recent to point 1. Users can make a past-time out of spanning friends’ travels, and identifying their favorite places, workplaces, daily activities and whatnots.

The operative word here is “friends”. Users who publish their check-in information are founded on the fact that their receivers are degree friends, which imply a sort of already established relationships. Granted that, the tool cannot track anybody or anyone on Places, and not all the half-billion strong members are likely to use Places all the time or even once.

The essential thing to note at this point, is that Facebook is a network that keeps expanding by the day. Its purposes have crisscrossed over time, leaving a confusing array of privacy settings. It has been used for purposes other than connecting with friends. And its Nearby Friends app is one good case, for the tool can be used for cyber-stalking. But as Facebook continues to deal with its privacy issues, all growing by the day as well, it is protocol for every user to be wary of what personal information they publish on the platform.

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  • Sheila Austero

    True. People should be more careful in posting information especially when using an application like this.

  • Tyler White

    A new app for Facebook Places, this time on iPhone and iPad just came out. Similar concept to Nearby Friends, except with realtime updates and notifications. Here is the link:

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