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The New Digg is Out

Written on August 26, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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No, you're not lost. It's still the Digg that you loved before. Only, it had a make over. What's new with Digg after a month of private-testing? And can it work out just fine?

After a month of testing the new alpha version, ’s redesigned site is now live on the net for everyone. The focal point of the new interface of the social is its personalized streams called “My News.” Another innovation is the new “Digg It” submission bar, that appears at the top center of the page. User will no longer navigate to another page to submit a content, plus submissions via Twitter, Facebook or e-mail has become more easier.

The also got a Suggested User List (SUL) wherein users can easily discover who to follow on the site. According to Digg’s new Product Manager, Mike Cieri, the network aims to help publishers gain more traffic and revenue, in addition to improved analytic report, incoming feeds and discovery process. But despite the overall experience and interface improvements, the can be too much or too little too late.

To begin with, the overhaul can be to much of a shift for Digg’s pioneer users. Since the emphasis now is on a self-, top diggers can be alienated. Still, if it can attract more mainstream user base, then Digg’s effort to debug the site paid off. On the other hand, the changes may not be enough. Content submission is still widely automated through RSS feeds, and comments and conversation are just secondary part of the experience.

To wrap it up, users who are looking for a curated stream of popular content can benefit from Digg. And the majority of its user base can find the new design refreshing. To make it even better, Digg can possibly attract a new audience that are searching for a niche where they can get news via aided stream.

Can the new Digg attract more traffic and users? Do you like the new Digg? Share what’s on your mind by dropping a comment below.

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