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iPad Welcomes Playboy App but There’s a Clincher

Written on August 16, 2010 by R. Depp

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Steve Jobs keeps his conservative side intact by launching Playboy App without Playmates shedding the clothes. Will users like it that way?

It’s always present in teenage films, hidden under the bed to conceal it from the knowledge of the adults. magazine played a special part in every man’s growing years. Aside from the hot bodies splattered on the magazine, it also features interviews of celebrities plus articles which helps boys to become better boyfriends to their girlfriends. And is not letting be forgotten by the new generation. He recently tweeted this exciting news:

Playboy will be available on iPad without the Playmates. has a thing about nudity.

But wait, it’s Playboy without the Playmates? It’s like ice cream sundae without the hot fudge. You can tell it on Playboy’s founder tweet that he is disappointed as well. Steve Jobs has some explaining to do with regards to this decision.

Would you buy the Playboy app without seeing some flesh?

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