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Chatroulette is Back but the Tweaks are Missing

Written on August 31, 2010 by R. Depp

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After more than a week of being offline for revamps, it is still just the same old Chatroulette we saw last Monday.

Chatroulette, an overnight hit website which serves as a venue for video chat among strangers, is back online after being under construction for more than a week.

But looking on the revamped site, nothing much had changed especially on the site’s appearance or for the efforts to stop using the site for pornography.

Chatroulette works by putting two people online together. The two parties can view each other using web cams and they can choose to talk or click the “next” button to go on meeting other users. But looking on the bigger picture, not much tweaks are visible on the site’s new version.

The founder of the site, , posted several notes online saying things like “experiment #1 is over” and “a renewed and updated version”. It is still unclear whether the Chatroulette we saw last Monday is the finished product.

Let’s wait what Ternovskiy has to say about this issue…or maybe we’ll just go to the ‘next’ best thing.

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