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Share your Stories on Twitter Tales

Written on August 18, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Twitter Tales is the newest and most exciting feature of Twitter that allows you share your great stories about your everyday life.

launched a new feature on their website that makes you grow more fonder of Tweeting. , a great collection composed of “examples of great Twitter use [that] will also likely inspire others to use the service in innovative and interesting ways.”

On the site’s official blog, Carolyn Penner, Twitter’s communication staff, said that Twitter tales is for “a growing set of articles that highlights creative individuals and businesses from all corners of the world that help make Twitter awesome.” Twitter users are encouraged to share their stories and send it to

The highlighted accounts were as follows, @natashabadhwar a New Delhi filmmaker, @caltrain, a community-written account for SF commuters; and @thebloggess, a well-known digital humor writer.
The strategy is quite familiar because Facebook and Google has launched the same feature. Facebook, launched a website to commemorate its 500 million users and Google on the other hand had “search Stories” which began with a Super Bowl ad and continued since then in a series of YouTube videos and Google blog posts.

Being part of the social media network creates a wonderful feeling. You are free to express whatever is on your mind as long as you don’t cause harm to other people.

Come on! Share your stories.

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