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Star Wars Celebration V: Lair of the Nerds

Written on August 12, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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All things Star Wars are in this convention. Yes, everything connected to that galaxy far, far away.

Do not say you have not been warned. The celebration at the Orange County Convention Center () is going to be only for the elite–the hardest of hardcore fans. Those who have been attuned to the schedule of events there and looking forward to lining up for autographs, photo ops on sets, hobnobbing with the other Jedi Knights and the like.

Those who will assemble in this four-day event (running from August 12-15) may be asked to pledge their “allegiance through a one-of-a-kind ceremony tailored to the ‘Light Side’ or the ‘Dark Side’ of the Force,” which will also take $75 out of their pockets.

And as fans want to propagate their own kind, the speed-dating booth may be a good place to start. Fans can chat with their fellows and, who knows, strike up a love connection that can signify the beginning of better things to come. And hear this, the devout can mark themselves indelibly in the live tattoo booth. Thirty years after the first epic battle in the galaxy far, far away, the mania goes on…

“May the force be with you” in Orlando, Florida.

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