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Steve Wozniak Does a Cameo on “Big Bang Theory”

Written on August 19, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Apple's very own Woz--er, Steve Wozniak--appeared on the set of the sitcom Big Bang Theory two nights ago, he said himself via a status message, to shoot an episode where he did a cameo role. The rest of the details we will just have to see when we have tuned in to CBS sometime on September or later.

Here was what the computer engineer posted on his Facebook wall: “What’s it like to film an episode of Big Bang Theory? I’ll let you know tonight, but not what the episode is about.”

So it was charting Penny, Sheldon and the rest of the gang’s territory for –a fictional apartment space pervaded by science, science fiction, video games and…surprise, computers. It sure would not look strange to one of the ’s master minds. Except for one thing, of course, what could be stranger than Windows and PC on the set for someone who has been steeped in atmosphere, culture, everything? That we have to see once the episode airs sometime in the fall.

There were people who wanted to see more Penny-Steve dialogues than Sheldon-Steve ones. So, we also have to check out how Steve handled the obsessive-compulsive Sheldon. This was not the show’s first time to host geek cameos: Star Trek‘s Wil Wheaton has come over and over for villainous roles in the nerd-dominated sitcom. Neither this was Woz’ first time to straddle celeb world: the man has appeared on Dancing With the Stars and dated talk show host and comedienne Kathy Griffin.

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