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The Canary Build: The Most Experimental Chrome Version Yet

Written on August 04, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Pardon my mentioning of the obvious, but Google is thoroughly speed-conscious. Google Chrome's Dev build releases updates and awaits feedbacks from developers and early adopters on a weekly basis--but the search giant says even a week is too long to get feedbacks and then work on the iterations.

So, fast and furious the team created the , the most experimental and riskier version of Chrome yet. Whereas the Dev channel’s update frequency runs for a week, the will frequently release builds and will be too unstable it can crash anytime on you. With the , can forgo manual testing on updates.

Developers who are bent on helping out the Chrome team in testing new features, you are exactly who Google needs, and expects, to be trying out the Canary Build. Google says they tailored this build for users who “are comfortable using a highly unstable browser that will often break entirely.” If you are the person who “like[s] to live on the bleeding edge,” this should be your ideal build of the third most popular web browser in the world.

There is a little bump on the road though, because Canary Build only runs on Windows as of its release. Well, for Mac and Linux users, we are pretty sure Google will be snappy in making things more exciting for you too!

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