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The Expendables Tops the Box Office

Written on August 23, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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The Expendables thought that they are disposable, but they were wrong. "Given all that competition in the marketplace, I don't think there was any guarantee we would hold this strong, but we did." - David Spitz, Distribution Head of Lionsgate

It was a fight for ’s “The ” as they top an attack of newcomers for the weekend the second time. The movie remained number one for two consecutive weeks with $ 16.5 million income. The film was directed and starred by Stallone, and it is all about the mercenaries that aims to overthrow a dictator. The Expendables raised a total of $ 64.9 million this weekend. According to .com, revenues this weekend is now a total of $ 125 million, just 1.7 percent lower than the same time last year.

The estimated sales for Friday until Sunday at US and Canadian theaters are posted below.

1. “The Expendables,” $16.5 million.
2. “Vampires Suck,” $12.2 million.
3. “Eat Pray Love,” $12 million.
4. “Lottery Ticket,” $11.1 million.
5. “The Other Guys,” $10.1 million.
6. “Piranha 3D,” $10 million.
7. “Nanny McPhee Returns,” $8.3 million.
8. “The Switch,” $8.1 million.
9. “Inception,” $7.7 million.
10. “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” $5 million.

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