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The “Like” Button Gets a Make-Over

Written on August 19, 2010 by B Waldorf

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More people will surely like the 'Like' button.

is now updating the design of the famed “” Button which is most likely similar to the Tweet Button. Revamping the button gives us a quality and more sophisticated usability of the button.

Now, the “Like” button contain a count in its own box to show how many people had clicked the “Like” button. Beforehand the button would only just turn blue and the “” link will appear. It also makes user experience superb but a little bit trickier for the user to it.

“We’ve begun rolling out new variations of the to make it more seamless for people to like content and share it with their friends. We’ll have additional details to share in the coming weeks,” Facebook says.

The option to “Unlike” is not yet denied to you, but it will only appear after hovering the thumbs-up icon. Facebook will also integrate an option to show the faces of friends who Liked the content, the response to the user of the Like button is way too different. The option to “Unlike” the piece will transform into a Facebook icon which also gives you freedom to comment on the post.

The new design is a resemblance of the Tweet Button and Google Buzz.

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