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The Trademark Battle: FaceCash vs FaceBook

Written on August 29, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Facebook should go home triumphant in the trademark battle, or else. The social media seems to conjure such an image as it goes from court to court filing complaints against similarly named sites, like Teachbook and Placebook.

First, it wanted nobody else using the word “book” at the end of its name, be it a company or a product. Now it wants to block those who are using “Face” at the beginning of their names. Beware because is currently attempting to register the word “Face” as a trademark. A UK-based company operating a site called handed over the trademark application for “Face” to presumably around November 2008, when the latter’s lawyers started working with the USPTO.

Now here is another story: one man is disapproving of the trademark. , a classmate to Zuckerberg’s at Harvard–the man who laid and later resigned claim for having Facebook started. Greenspan now owns , the company running the mobile payment system called .

If the trademark gets into Facebook’s hands, FaceCash will have to lose its face. Greenspan admits, “The possible registration has implications for my company (not to mention hundreds of others, including , Inc.), so I’ve decided to ask the USPTO for an extension of time to oppose it.” also gets bypassed because it owns the trademark “” for its latest iPhone video calling feature.

Greenspan wants to battle it out because he might lose the ability to use the word “face” in his future products. This spells trouble for his company, especially with how stickler-sounding Facebook’s image is nowadays when it comes to trademark defense.

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