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Three US War Vet Amputees Reach the Summit of Kilimanjaro

Written on August 13, 2010 by R. Depp

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Disability is not an excuse to be able to reach the top of the world.

Three mighty U.S war veterans climbed their way to the summit of ’s tallest mountain. These warriors lost their legs during the wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. They proved that five prosthetic legs did not stop them from reaching the top.

It took them six days to climb the 19,340 feet high Mount . This event is part of the Warfighter Sports Challenge, an extreme sports happening dedicated to permanently disabled veterans. Over the weekend, they reached Tanzania and on Wednesday, they scrambled down the trail, which for them was the hardest part.

Kirk Bauer, the 62-year-old Vietnam war Veteran told Denver Daily News, “Our message in this climb is to both our wounded military, who have made such a sacrifice to this great country of ours, and to people with disabilities throughout the nation.”

Then, he left this challenge to the young people of today. “If three veterans from three wars and two generations with one good leg between them can climb the tallest mountain in Africa, then all with disabilities can choose to be active and healthy through sports.”

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