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True Blood in 60 Seconds : Crazy and Creative Kids

Written on August 25, 2010 by B Waldorf

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HBO's True Blood was explained and evaluated in 60 seconds. How? Ask Babelgum.

The crazy and insanely awesome crew of has found their next “” series. Guess what?

Babelgum had a full history of successful interpretations of pop culture. From the big hit which was showcased last spring, “Glee in 60 Seconds” video. And now comes “ in 60 Seconds”. How creative can this group can be? The kids were also re-enacting dialogs from The Hills, Jersey Shore and even American Revolution.

Babelgum managed to show what True Blood’s essence is. The normal schemes were hook ups, make outs, sex and a lot of biting. And it not some smooth and sexy blood sucking scenes but hardcore vampire actions. It is an interpretation to the discrimination and racism in the modern society.

The over all package is really out of this world and creative. It is more like a parody of our favorite TV show.

Let us know how you feel about the video. Here:

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