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TweetDeck App for Android is Here

Written on August 12, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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For users of Android operated handsets, handling your social media accounts is no longer a fuzz. The mobile OS welcomes TweetDeck -- your one stop app for Facebook, Twitter, Buzz, and Foursquare!

The popular social media management tool will be available as an starting this Thursday. The company will also open the beta program in the morning. So far, the is still in a beta form, meaning it still lacks finishing touches expected from a fully functional program. However, the app has an exciting potential.

, , and accounts are integrated into a single application. Color-coded updates are presented in a single column. Included also in the app is a “Me” portion where user can review all their replies, plus comments and likes for their Facebook posts. The updates are pulled in a way that is easier on battery life, rather than having a real-time data stream that runs continuously. To wrap it up, the UI is clean and effective for handset display. Furthermore, the new Android app is a clear signal of where Apple-based applications are heading.

TweetDeck is looking forward to improving their map performance, handling of multiple Twitter accounts, video upload capacity and integration with the Android hardware. Don’t forget to share us your insights about the app once you have beta program.

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