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Twitter Feed: 20 Billion Tweets are Out There

Written on August 04, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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What is happening right now? The GigaTweet counter is running berserk over 20 billion tweets--and around 900 more add up to that per second.

Unofficial tweet count tracker marked the 20 billionth post on the microblogging site yesterday. Not far from the 50 million that reported earlier this year. The social media site hit the 10 billion mark five months ago and the 15 billion mark just a couple of months ago. Based on the stats on the tracking service’s site, the figure is predicted to balloon to 30 billion after 125 days. Notice that there is not much discrepancy between the official and unofficial counts, so we can say that GigaTweet’s predictions are fairly accurate.

Being the site that beat its own activity records, expect that Twitter is upping its service level to make posting tweets more irresistible ever than before.

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