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Twitter Rolls out the “You Both Follow” Feature

Written on August 16, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Twitter hits the high bar in social networking by having a feature that is very similar to Facebook's mutual friends. The site rolls up the "you both follow" feature.

has finally launched its “You Both Follow” feature. After testing the feature back in June, it has been rolling out for more. The “You Both Follow” shows the people that you and another user follows. It is more like a connection tool.

To see who’s your co-follower, visit the profile of the user and see the commonality on the side bar, just above the list of people you follow. You can also have a full list of the mutual follows. Just hit on “View All” link and you are ready to follow and tweet.

users will like the fact that this is exactly the same as “” on . This is a very familiar feature that you encounter in a friend’s profile. Along with this, Twitter also added a “Who to follow” link that directs you the people you might be interested in following. One of the big resemblances of Twitter to .

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