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Vampires Suck: Jacob Black vs Jacob White

Written on August 12, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Taylor Lautner has found his arch rival, in the name of Chris Riggs.

There are numerous attempts to make a spoof out of our favorite vampires and werewolves. But only one succeeded, and now they are on the big screen. From the genre of the spoof comedies, here comes another spoof that will make us laugh out loud.

, the comedy stint that spoofs our favorite : . And not just the movie but the characters as well. As we watch the trailer, we definitely  can’t help but laugh.

Surely after watching the impersonators in Vampires Suck we notice that the original Jacob who is has found himself a competition. Whoelse, but the one who played , Shris Riggi. And to tell you honestly, he’s a buff that will surely put ’s abs into shame.

“I chose the role that Twilight fans are either going to be hating or loving,” Chris tells us. “I don’t think anyone’s going to throw stones on the street at me or anything for it.” (Tell you what Chris, They Won’t do that especially if you’re lurking without your shirt on.)

He also said that the role will be a provocative act that will make fans compare his abs to Taylor’s.

“His abs are amazing and way better than mine.”

The movie was the one who motivated Chris to go to the gym. “sometimes three times a day. I’d wake up and run for a few miles. I’d go eat and then go back to the gym for weightlifting, then run again at night just trying to get really thin. Abs are what’s important.”

He also had to maintain a diet to match the buff for Jacob’s role.”I had to gain 15 pounds of muscle for this role,” he says. “It was like five, sometimes six meals a day full of protein. It had to be grilled, not too much salt, and then it would be like a a sweet potato instead of bread. No bread for two months.” This intense fitness plan lasted for 3 months.

And because people kept on comparing him to Taylor, he was somehow mistaken to be Taylor Lautner. “This woman cam up to me and asked, ‘Are you Taylor Lautner?’” Chris recalls. “She was like 45!”

He also loves martial arts: “I’ve been doing martial arts since I was very young.”

After getting the buff just like Taylor’s, the only thing he had to do is copy the way Taylor does his role, from the facial expressions to the moves. “I watched the movies over and over again every day for three months,” Chris says. “I had a picture of Taylor in my trailer so I could mimic his facial expressions!”

Chris did the best, and now people seemingly sees him way hotter than the real Jacob Black. See the hot photos? Be sure to watch the movie and tell us what you think.

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