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Vonage Routes Free Calls to Facebook Friends

Written on August 05, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Vonage sounds good, but Vonage Mobile for Facebook absolutely sounds better.

giant is banking on Facebook’s hub of all social networks status, by introducing an app that lets and users make to their Facebook friends. This capability is quite similar to VOiP enabled apps such as Skype and Fring, but this time it is Facebook. With probably millions to benefit from this move, Vonage has come up with a pretty thoughtful act.

The Vonage Mobile for Facebook app can be downloaded from the or Android Store right to your , or Android smartphone. There is no requirement for users to subscribe to Vonage, but the app must be installed in your friends’ phones and yours to be able to make the calls. A “V” logo appears next to the names of users who have the Vonage app on their mobiles, but you can chat with non-app users and invite them to add the Vonage app on their device.

To start ringing up your Facebook buddies, log in your credentials to the app. For your entire use of Mobile, you will only have to log in once. You can opt to have your mobile app run in the background, while you are still enabled to receive incoming calls. A pop up of the caller’s photo and latest status update will inform you about an incoming call.

Check out this video to know learn more about making free calls on Facebook.

What else can you not do in these age of possibilities? Thanks to VOiPs like Vonage and social networks like Facebook. “Now, your free social network is also a free calling network.”

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