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WARNING: Hackers Use PDF Files to Exploit Devices

Written on August 04, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Uploading a PDF file to your iPhone, iPad or iTouch could bring harm to your private life. You could be giving away confidential information to hackers.

With the latest cheats and stolen codes you can easily hack devices such as , , or . Now it has been easier. Thank for that.

Now by only uploading a PDF file to your iPhone, iPad or iTouch, you could be giving away information that can be used by other people. This is a total security breach.

The strategy is the same as jailbreaking your device. Now, can have a full control of your phone, or iPad. How? By simply using a program that can be delivered via PDF to any iOS device with 3.1.2 or higher processing.

How does it works?

Step one: The user loads his/her device with a PDF file. The file contains fonts. A font, which you can input into the PDF, contains a program that will most likely cause an overflow. The result: the program will pass through the device’s security defenses and then breaks the protective sandbox which leads to critical damage.

This technique is how JailbreakMe, breaks into your device. By just visiting the website and sliding the “Slide to Jailbreak” button. This can be reverse-engineered by hackers for a total damage in your device. Beware!

An advice from allwelike:

Beware of the PDF’s that you download. Check the links. Or a hacker might be lurking somewhere inside your device.

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