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Who to Follow: Twitter has Suggestions for You

Written on August 04, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Reading tweets as they fill up your stream is quite addictive, I tell you. It gets more interesting when your homepage starts accommodating mushroom tweets by the second. You follow more users, you get more fun from Twitter.

This is what the freshest feature on the site is about. When you sign in to your account, you can find a new link under the “Find People” heading that says “Suggestions for You.” Click that link and it opens up to a displayed set of users that is recommending to you personally. These users are people being followed by those you are following. It is like other features on other social media sites that tell you who your second degree friends are, which some may find very useful. Talk about useful, already provided a service that displayed people results next to keyword results early in July. This has helped users discover other–and more–users to follow.

The short-blogging service is also looking forward to having this feature integrated in third-party apps, so they are providing developers with the all-new feature. And, if Twitter gets more income-driven, the feature will soon be followed by one that will make users pay to have more followers. Well, we will have to try the latest feature first, find out who else can we follow on Twitter, and perhaps await if this income-generating self-promotion idea will materialize soon. “Suggestions for You” already seems to promote enough individuals anyway.

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