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Wikinvest is Now on iPhone

Written on August 26, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Wikinvest launches its very first application on mobile and iPhone is the first one to grab it.

The for investing, , has good news for you users. It launches its mobile application that will be available in tomorrow at 9 am. This will be a big help for brokers and investors who use iPhone because they will have a personal access to their portfolios. As well the latest investment news at the tip of your fingers.

Wikinvest will mark the first that gives you stock info as well as the information you would like to discuss from a user’s brokerage and investment accounts. The app will also provide market data, quotes charts, , currency exchange and other financial related concerns. It will offer 100 different international exchanges for the international investors.

The app can give you over 60 supported brokerages and a realtime market data of the entire portfolio. As of the moment, costumers have an average of 3 portfolios linked to their web account.

Wikinvest has a tracking of more than $3 billion dollars in assets.

The release of the iPhone app will only encourage the company’s ongoing growth, “We’ve more than doubled the number of brokerages we support in the past few weeks,” says founder Michael Sha.

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