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WPEngine for a Faster and Easier WordPress

Written on August 04, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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You can now host your site on WordPress' compact platform. Thanks to WPEngine, everything can turn out to be robust, safe and scalable. WordPress is indeed the killer platform for bloggers, developers and small business alike!

, a new and exciting platform that promises to make .com simpler and more robust, has been created by few of the Superstars. The product offers a VIP type of experience for smaller scale websites. We are talking about people who doesn’t have the technical know-how of a developer, or a Website administrator who wants to take advantage of the whole plug-in ecosystem. includes top-notch support, one-click backups, speed and scalability optimization, and security features with automatic software updates. Users will also be able to use any plug-ins, themes, custom CSS or JavaScript they like.

The platform provides a specially curated plug-ins that have been tested for security. WPEngine even promises ease and smooth transition and integration. This will probably work for bloggers, businesses, and small dev shop that needs close watch on some WordPress-based sites. The product sounds fabulous, but behind this is what sounds like the WordPress Product Dream Team. The WPEngine was developed by , author of the WordPress Bible; blogger and developer ; the Austin-based developer, ; and oversees the startup.

You can sign up for WPEngine’s Beta Program if you’re interested in learning more. The platform will be available to the public soon with 15 days free trial, and $50 monthly fee thereafter. If this is something that you’d like to try, or something you think will be useful for businesses and developers, tell us by leaving a comment.

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