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YouTube: Your Videos Can Now Run For 15 Minutes

Written on August 01, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Video-sharing platform YouTube (well, who does not know YouTube?) boosts its upload time up to 15 minutes. This is the site's answer to the users' most requested add-on feature - yes, an additional five minutes to broadcast yourself, or just about anything you fancy (but permitted by the site, of course), for that matter.

Broadcast yourself…five minutes longer than before. In its continuous quest to be the best user-generated site, gives way to users who clamored for additional upload time. It even launched a sort of mini-competition dubbed as “15 Minutes of Fame”. The -sharing site wants its non-partners to do a personalized film that basically adheres to the tagline: Broadcast yourself. Well, even 5 minutes longer this time.

This has been the first time extension for non-partners in years. YouTube explains that this change is in line with the significant iterations in their Content ID management. Now copyright owners are being serviced with powerful tools for content protection on the site. On one hand, this creates an odd for any users who will upload protected contents. And on the other, this makes room for non-partners to increase their upload time. A pretty good move, is it not?

By the way, if you want to join the video site’s contest, just come up with a 15-minute video on any topic, tag it with “yt15minutes” and upload it by August 4, which is next Wednesday.

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