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5 Reasons to e-Publish

Written on September 07, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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Even profitable print-authors are now hitting e-publishers' nooks in lieu of conventional publishing houses. What is with the switch?

It partly started with the readers’ shift from traditional to digital books, partly with the presence of e-Readers, or wholly from the rise of e-Books themselves. In any case, last year’s 176% shootup did not escape the attention of the Association of American Publishers. As a big chunk of customers changed their patronizing preferences, so have most authors selected the most viable platform in book publishing today–and for a good reason.

1. Time-Efficient Publishing

period lasts much longer, so does the process. The online platform proves to be a case of contrast. All the necessary writing tools are at the tip of the authors’ hands. Drafting and revising are accomplished in only hours or days. Once polished, printing happens during upload and readers can access them in hours, at the least.

2. Cost-Effective Publishing
dramatically curbs authors’ printing expenses. It does away with the old-school manuscripts to be distributed to editors several times, in several versions. It sends the writers richer with more share of profit. Needless to say, they get to save a lot of ink and paper.

3. You are the Boss
Authors have a full say on all process-related decisions. From picking of editors to the selection of marketing strategy, next-generation publishers give writers a free rein in their decisions. Aside from that, it is the publishing platforms that provide the writers an extensive list of e-Retailers where they can launch their works.

4. Access to a Multi-Media Audience
Not to mention, a multi-cultural set of followers, as e-Books open to a worldwide coverage. For the love of technology, there are readers who will set their eyes on the writings, writers get more fortunate if they are bloggers who make reviews–because that is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to market.

5. Futuristic Flexibility
E-Publishing caters to writers through speed and accuracy. Back in the old school, manuscripts had to be reprinted several times for editors and publishers. But digital and cloud hostings and electronic tools such as the Kindle, iPad and Nook make things workable for any big writing project at hand.

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