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Adobe Illustrator Acquires an HTML5 Update

Written on September 14, 2010 by B Waldorf

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All time favorite vector manager, Illustrator, gets a free update all for the love of HTML5.

Our favorite visual editor made a few to die for. Vector and the power it releases are now ready for under Illustrator. This upgrades make life easier as it exports our designs into and CSS3 compliant content.

Right now, the claim says that it only provides “initial support” for HTML5 and CSS3 to Illustrator. This is understandable considering HTML5 and CSS3 standards themselves no yet finalized.

But the question is why wasn’t this functionality shipped with Illustrator CS5 from the start? responded to this inquiry:

“During the planning and development of Illustrator CS5, future browser support for the evolving HTML5 and CSS3 specifications was uncertain, and we did not foresee any compatibility issues in the CS5 time frame. While the official specifications are still not yet complete, they are now supported to varying degrees by a number of different desktop browsers,” Adobe explains in an accompanying FAQ. “Given the recent surge of interest around HTML5, a preview of Illustrator compatibility with HTML5, CSS3 SVG is being provided so that you can begin exploring their potential as quickly as possible,” it says.

Adobe recently made an update for design and development tool Dreamweaver, showing the loyalty to embrace the HTML5 as a standard.

This update is free of charge both for trial and full versions of Illustrator.

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