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Category: Tech

Appazzar Wants Your Location

Written on September 13, 2010 by Japhet Writ

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"With their location they also change their activity, for instance from working at the office to chilling at the beach. Appazaar uses that to optimize its recommendations! Surely you agree that you require apps for productivity at work and games and music apps for relaxing at the beach." -- Matthias Böhmer

The Software Engineering Lab at Münster University of Applied Sciences in Germany has released an app tool as part of the context-aware mobile systems research. is an that learns which application you find interesting, depending on your usage and comparing you to other people of the same leisure. It also takes your real-time location into account. Researcher wrote in an email, that Android users are mobile and changes their location often shifting from one activity to another. This lets Appazzar optimize its recommendations based on interests and previously downloaded applications. Appazzar is available on the Android market, and since it is still new, rushing to judge it might be harsh.

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