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Apple Approves GV Mobile +

Written on September 20, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Apple recently approved GV Mobile +. It's a good news, right?

The masters behind the Voice app for – GV Mobile + – announced today that approved their app. Yesterday, GV Connect popped out of the App Store, with another reversal of ’s policy. initially gave permission to the apps but banned them from the App Store because of the “duplicated” iPhone features.

Any supporter of Google Voice knows that this is not a fair assessment on the matter.The apps are providing a different twist on the features through Google Voice service. Helping you create and use a virtual phone number of your choice plus added features to give extra services to your phones.

Features includes the ability to listen to voicemails while being recorded, digital transcription of voicemails and calls with different rules or voice greeting to your contacts.

Sean Kovacs, developer of the GV Mobile +, gave assured everyone on Twitter that this app is coming and promised to make it free of charge for the night if it starts trending.

Like GV Connect, the GV Mobile + is under the price of $2.99 and supports transcription and playback of voicemails, all initiation using your Google Voice number and most other features features you’re looking for or have been using for a while if you have a jailbroken iPhone or an device.

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