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Apple TV Redefines Viewing Experience

Written on September 02, 2010 by R. Depp

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Be a VIP with your Apple TV ---pick a movie from great selection of Hollywood favorites, browse Internet content without hassle and stream your photo in a large screen.

was modified and definitely better than ever. It promises nothing but superb viewing experience.

If you are in the mood to watch movie, TV show or steam of personal photos, just click the button to play. Inside the Apple TV is an A4 chip which produces clear and sharp visual images.

To start of movie night with friends, just connect the Apple TV to your widescreen set using HDMI cable. Rent out from the large selection of films and TV shows which have prices ranging from 99ยข to $3.99.

You can also check out Netflix on Apple TV for added selections of Hollywood blockbusters. Plus, get updated with the latest Internet content straight from your Apple TV. Play YouTube videos, watch podcasts and view your Flickr photos.

Speaking of photos, Apple TV is capable of turning your set to life-size photo album. Select the album, turn on the slideshow and relive the happy moments at the comforts of your living room.

Bonus feature is you can use your or to navigate your Apple TV. Just download for free the Remote app from the .

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