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Apple Update Alert: iLife Family Pack 2011 and Parallels 6

Written on September 07, 2010 by Rudfer Tyron

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An iLife update: After over a year of anticipation, the iLife Family Pack 2011 reportedly appears on Amazon's list. Boxes of Parallels 6 also pop out of another retailer's shelves.

The 99-dollar FP will be available in two to four weeks, according to the listing. There have been suggestions of earlier sightings of the family pack, which started since July, but received no relatively big attention.

Amazon is said to have given ther recently-spotted iLife suite a Standard Identification Number of B003XKXN0S. The product, which will start to ship on a DVD-ROM without a box art, is listed also with a model number of iLife11 FP.

The iLife suite, which consists of iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand and iWeb, has a current update version that launched last January 2009 with major improvements made on all its applications, including iPhoto features Faces and Places and the integration of the Precision Editor to iMovie. The software is built in every new Mac, or can be purchased separately in a box from Apple stores and retailers such as Amazon.

Meanwhile, 6 has been spotted in a California Fry’s Electronics store. Last year’s Parallel 5 added full Aero support in Windows Vista and 7. has not released any announcement about the product.

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