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Apple’s iTouch Artists Lost its Touch on Photoshop

Written on September 07, 2010 by B Waldorf

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The artist behind the iPod Touch image seems to be the latest victim of Photoshop fail.

Wait, can send messages? Make phone calls? For real?

Before you shout for joy, let’s recap. There is a heat between and . We didn’t realize that the artists behind the iPod Touch photos loses its touch to Photoshop as well.

Go to the iPod Touch page on Apple. There is something that we’ll surely catch your attention.

You are seeing a real photo but with unreal features. Apple’s faulty artists are making a big Photoshop mistake. Expect the images to be revamped by the end of the day. You might wonder why this perfect, big and fascinating company suddenly became victims of Photoshop horrors?

And take note, this is not the only time this week that Apple did a wrong design.

Here’s the another Photoshop mistake incident:

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