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How to Properly Call 911 on your Mobile Phone

Written on September 09, 2010 by R. Depp

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Cellphone age hinders the proper routine when using the 911 technology. But read on how can this hindrance be surpassed.

In this age of modern technology, is the hot line number 911 still reliable? Cellphones and smartphones have become part of our daily lives but these gadgets do not support the 911 technology. Hot line number 911 was invented before mobile phones and it is harder to locate places using cellphones unlike when inbound calls were made using landlines.

There are situations were are not directed to the right authorities. For example, in Oakland, California are rerouted to the California Highway Patrol. This is helpful for car accidents but not in cases like house fire.

In order to make the proper 911 call using a cellphone, say the exact location where the incident happened. If you do not know the precise address, say at least a nearby landmark. Lastly, mention the nature of the emergency.

Also, do not forget to leave your mobile number or another contact detail to the operator in case you get disconnected. This way, emergency services have a way to call you back and won’t have a hard time looking for you.

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