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CNN’s 50 Most Powerful Women

Written on September 30, 2010 by R. Depp

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The news website recognizes the 50 most influential women who made their marks in the world of business.

CNN made a list of 50 most powerful women in the society today. These women are exceptional in their chosen careers and have gained big acquisitions in the past months. Listed here are the top three out of the 50. To see the full list, click this link.

, Chairman and CEO, Co.

Nooyi also reigned supreme in the list last year. She has brought a huge revenue of estimated $60 billion to the company plus accomplished the purchase of PepsiCo’s two largest bottlers. Now, she promised to bring $400 million annual cost savings this year. But investors are confident: the company’s stock is up 12% since late 2009.

, Chairman and CEO,

Though Rosenfeld battle with Cadbury affected Kraft’s largest shareholder, but the gain was sweet, a $19 billion purchase. The outcome of this move was $48 billion revenue and edge on the market.

Patricia Woertz, Chairman, president and CEO, Archer Daniels Midland ()

ADM, considered to be the world’s largest corn processor, is now focused on exploring other fuel and energy sources, thanks to Woertz. She manages 240 plants in the US and responsible for the 13% climb of the ADM stock.

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