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Disneyland: “Let the Memories Begin”

Written on September 24, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Disney's New ad campaign for the Disneyland Park and Resorts touches one's heart in a very special way. Opening the doors for that childhood dreams we once had. Memories that we will cherish forever.

Walt Parks and Resorts unveils its new campaign. Sit back and “Let the Memories Begin…”

Disney recaptured the wonders and memories behind Adventures are their newest advertisement. It will not only touch your eyes but your hearts as well. We say that there will always be the child in you. And that child will begin to play with memories as you see the video.

The new Disneyland television ads is said to air this week. For future ads and promos, Disney encourages people to submit their memories online via YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and

The ad campaign shows what is all about.: real families having fun. Beyond the advertisement, Disney will begin to incorporate the family memories into theme parks with the “Let the Memories Begin” night time experience starting January next year.

In Toronto Disney World, guest photos will be on the spires of Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom. At Disneyland, the backdrop will be the “It’s a Small World” facade. There is an estimated 500 photos for each location per day.

From the marketing world, this is a brilliant idea. As well as for those who had good memories. Welcome to the wonderful world of Disney!

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