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Elmo on YouTube Hits 3.5 Million Views

Written on September 27, 2010 by B Waldorf

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Our all-time favorite from Sesame Street, Elmo, recently uploaded a video interview on YouTube. This cuddly and cute character apparently became a hit this weekend with more than 3.5 million views.

, a popular kiddie program, recently used the to sort out for ’s fans then uploaded it on . It is a 20-minute that is both cute and heartwarming. The video has accumulated more than 3.5 million views over the weekend.

Questions are raised by both kids and kids at heart. Some of the questions raised were, “What’s your favorite food?”; “How do you actually get to Sesame Street?”; “How do you keep from getting sad when your daddy is away?”

Gathering questions from online fans and answering these questions on web is a habit nowadays. Just like the campaign taking it to the next level as host Conan O’Brien has jumped on a bandwagon.

The video ad is way too sexy and Conan is extremely funny, but we dare you to make something as touching as Elmo’s video.

Here is the video of our red fluffy friend.

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