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Enrollment for Zombies 101 Now Open

Written on September 12, 2010 by R. Depp

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University of Baltimore explores the world of the walking dead by including a course about zombies.

Imagine ‘Thriller’ playing in the background and zombie creatures extends their hands to groove to the tune…but that’s not what the administrators from pictured when they decided to include a subject about zombies in the curriculum.

This is really a serious subject with a course noumber, CMAT 333 or formally referred to as “Media Genres.” If you’ll have the chance to look on the course outline, it says right into your face the word “zombies.”

The class is devoted to uncovering the role of . Some of the coursework included are film watching, research paper and writing a script.

Instructor Arnold Blumberg that he got the idea for this subject because the university is starting a pop culture minor.

“I pitched them the idea of doing a course in zombies as one of the most perfect single reflections in our media of what we’re thinking of at any given point as a culture, as individuals and as a nation,” Blumberg said. “It wasn’t too difficult to explain why this would have some potency.

“Certainly in this era more than any other, we’re inundated 24/7 with media from every direction, and it certainly behooves us to give students the tools they need to actually sift through all those messages and see what the meaning is.”

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